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Klarna – True Vintage


How it works

  • Use your own valid debit or credit card, or other accepted payment method, to pay (no prepaid cards).

  • The initial payment is charged when the merchant completes your order (this is usually the shipping date for online orders).

  • The next 3 payments are automatically charged every 2 weeks after your first payment.

  • There are no interest charges with Pay later in 4 installments, and no fees when you follow your automatic payment schedule.

  • If you return your goods we will automatically reduce the amount you owe us. If you already paid us for a refunded order, we will refund the balance back to your original payment method.

  • If you have questions about the quality or shipping of your order, please contact the merchant where you made the purchase.

  • A Late Fee of up to $7 may be charged if an automatic payment cannot be collected.

  • The issuer of your payment method may charge interest or fees under your agreement with them. If you have any questions about those charges contact your payment method provider.


Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions represent an agreement between the lender, Klarna Inc., located at 629 N. High St. Suite 300, Columbus, OH 43215 ("Klarna," we," or "us") and the user of this payment option ("you" as the borrower, under the name and address provided when you agreed to use this payment option), entered into as of the date you agree to use this payment option for your purchase. In addition to these terms and conditions, your use of this payment option is governed by the  Klarna Shopping Service, which are incorporated into and made part of these terms and conditions (collectively, the “Agreement”).  The Klarna Shopping Service include:

If you do not agree to the terms of the Agreement, you may not use this payment option.


This payment option is provided, and funds made available, by Klarna. When you elect to use this payment option, we will present you with the applicable payment terms, including:

  • The amount of your Initial Payment. The Initial Payment is the first of four payments and is due immediately once the merchant confirms your order. 

  • The amount of each subsequent Installment Payment. The Installment Payments represent the amount financed and repaid in three installments due every two weeks after the Initial Payment, for a loan term of six weeks from the Initial Payment. 

  • The Total Purchase Amount. This equals the Initial Payment (which is due immediately) plus each subsequent Installment Payment, and represents the total amount you will have paid when you have made all scheduled payments.

By accepting to use this payment option, you acknowledge and agree to these payment terms, and that such payment terms are incorporated by reference into this Agreement. Your final payment schedule will be emailed to you, and available through the Klarna App, once the merchant confirms your order.  


Promise to Pay: By using this payment option, you are instructing us to send the Total Purchase Amount to the designated merchant as payment for your purchase. You further promise to pay Klarna the Total Purchase Amount in accordance with the payment terms, including repayment of the Initial Payment and each Installment Payment on their Due Dates, plus any fees, past due amounts and other charges as permitted under this Agreement. There is no balloon or similar final payment required on this loan and you are not required to obtain credit life or credit disability as a condition of receiving this loan.


No Interest or Other Finance Charges:  This is a 0% APR loan. There are no interest or other finance charges due on this payment option. Other fees will apply as described in this Agreement.


Payment Methods: We may limit the types of payment methods we accept at our discretion. If a type of payment method, such as a particular credit or debit card, is not accepted, you will be notified before the purchase is completed. Most valid credit and debit cards that are not scheduled to expire in the near future are accepted. We do not accept prepaid cards. You may change your payment method at any time, and if you do, you authorize us to charge your new payment method in accordance with this Agreement.


Initial Payment: You authorize us to charge your payment method for a first Initial Payment, which amount will be disclosed to you at checkout. This amount will not be charged until the merchant confirms the order. This typically occurs when the Merchant ships the goods or provides them to you in the store, but could also happen at the time of order placement. Your card issuer may restrict access to any authorized amount while pending.


Installment Payments: You authorize us to automatically charge your payment method for each Installment Payment every 14 days (each a “Due Date”) after the Initial Payment is charged to your payment method. Due Dates are disclosed in Eastern Time. If your payment method is a debit card or you agree to pay by electronic fund transfer, you authorize Klarna to initiate preauthorized transfers from your bank account, in the amount of each Installment Payment and in such frequency as disclosed to you when you elect to use this payment option. You agree these terms will serve as your copy of your authorization for Klarna to automatically charge your payment method, including to initiate preauthorized transfers. We will provide notice within 2 days after each payment confirming that you have paid the Installment Amount due. If any adjustment causes your final Installment Payment to be less than your scheduled Installment Payment amount, we will charge you the lesser amount.


Prepayment: You may prepay part or all of any outstanding Total Purchase Amount at any time.  There is no penalty for prepaying any amount owed. Prepaying any portion of your outstanding Total Purchase Amount will not change the amount of any subsequent Installment Payment, unless the remaining Total Purchase Amount is less than your Installment Payment, in which case we will only charge you the remaining Total Purchase Amount on the next Due Date.


Split Orders: In the event the merchant does not confirm your purchase for the entire order amount at the same time (for example, if items from your order ship on different dates), we may create a separate installment schedule for each confirmed amount received from the merchant (each a “Schedule”). Each Schedule will have its own Initial Payment and Installment Payment amounts and Due Dates associated with the confirmed amount; however, the total Initial Payments and Installment Payments paid on all Schedules associated with your purchase will not exceed the Total Purchase Amount. You understand that when a Schedule is created, this Agreement will apply to such Schedule and you agree to the terms of this Agreement with respect to each Schedule.  


Late Payment: If we are unable to charge your selected payment method for any Installment Payment in full on your Due Date, it will be considered a Late Payment.. We will notify you if a payment fails and provide you at least 2 courtesy days to ensure your payment method is up to date before attempting to collect the Late Payment. You authorize us to attempt to collect the Late Payment at any point after 2 days, using any payment method we have on file for you. Due Dates for subsequent Installment Payments will remain unchanged.


Late Fee: If any Late Payment remains unpaid after 10 days, you will be subject to a Late Fee of up to $7 (or such lesser amount as required by law).  You authorize us to charge this Late Fee, plus any Late Payment (if not yet collected) with your next Installment Payment, as a single charge to your payment method. If the Late Payment was your final Installment Payment, we will automatically charge your card for the Late Payment plus the Late Fee, 10 days from your final Due Date, if you do not pay your Late Payment before then. The Late Fee will never exceed the Installment Payment amount, and will be waived or refunded in the event our error results in you incurring a Late Fee.

We may continue to attempt to collect overdue and currently due payments on subsequent Due Dates, or invoice you separately for any unpaid amount.


Returned Payment Fee: If you attempt to make any Installment Payment by check or ACH and your payment is returned unpaid for “not sufficient funds” or for any other reason such as a closed account, we will charge you a Returned Payment Fee of up to $25 (or any lower amount required by law). The Returned Payment Fee will never exceed the Installment Payment amount, and will be waived or refunded in the event our error results in you incurring a Returned Payment Fee.


Returns: Any returns or refunds credited to your purchase will reduce your outstanding balance, but do not count as payments. You will need to continue to make your previously disclosed payments at scheduled Due Dates until your balance is paid in full. If you have a credit balance you authorize us to credit the balance back to (a) the payment method used for this payment option; (b) any other card we have on file for you; (c) by check to your mailing address on file; or (d) by direct deposit to any of your bank accounts on file or stated on any check you presented to us for payment.